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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    17 Tigers Who Are Just Being Giant Cats

    They are giant, but they are still cats.

    1. Even tigers don't know where The Red Dot comes from.

    2. Or what this loud little contraption is.

    3. When they want cuddles, they want cuddles NOW.

    4. And it's not just domestic cats that have issues with dogs.

    5. Tigers are not all regal and majestic all the time. They are silly too.

    6. Seriously...they have their non-graceful moments.

    7. And tigers like scratching posts. Theirs are just a little bigger.

    8. Scritches are important to all cats.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: mathiasappel

    9. Even big, strong tigers can be scaredy-cats.

    10. And sometimes they enjoy laying belly up.

    Check out this awesome rescue organization here!

    11. Tigers love boxes too.

    12. Or silly human gadgets that do a lot of dangling.

    13. Sometimes they will play your dumb little games.

    14. And other times they just need to run like crazies.

    15. Tigers care about hygiene just as much as the next cat.

    16. They also care about their lil' kittens.

    17. Tigers. They're really just big cats.

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