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    17 Tiny Animals Who Are Filled With Rage

    What do they even have to be mad about?

    1. This rabbit who was very displeased with being caught.

    2. This unhappy vet-goer.

    3. This real life Angry Bird.

    4. This dog ready to get into a fist fight with you.

    5. And this kitten who has just started planning her intricate revenge scheme.

    6. This goldfish who thinks that even if the glass IS half full, that's still not enough water.

    7. This cat who hates everything right now.

    8. And this one who will not soon forget this.

    9. This baby owl who is angry despite being saved by the kind humans.

    10. And this rage-filled hedgehog burrito.

    11. This toad that's probably grumpy mainly because he's being called a frog.

    12. This bird who just CAN'T with you rn.

    13. This puppy who is sick and tired of being called 'precious' and 'adorable.'

    14. This cat DARING you to take one step closer.

    15. This tiny ball of anger that's supposedly a frog.

    16. This cat whose fury is about five seconds from being unleashed.

    17. And this kitten who just really friggin' hates watermelons.