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    16 Basset Hounds Who Really Need Cheered Up

    How did we let them get so sad?

    1. Hey everyone, there is an issue that has come to our immediate attention.

    2. Someone needs to cheer up the basset hounds.

    3. I don't know how it happened, but they're all sad.


    5. We have to tell them it will be okay.

    6. That every vet visit ends, and new car rides await.

    7. We have to tell them that exercising isn't fun, but it gets your endorphins flowing and endorphins equal happiness!!!!!

    8. And it's okay to be sad for a little while, but then you gotta bounce back up!

    9. You gotta keep fighting the good fight!

    10. These tough times will pass, and you won't be in the cone forever.


    12. Basset hounds are too good and too pure for us to allow them to stay sad.

    13. So if you see a basset hound, tell them you appreciate them.

    14. And in the meantime, you can say it to other dogs too. And cats. And people.

    15. Pretty much everyone can do with hearing that they're appreciated, not just basset hounds.

    16. So maybe if we all work together and we're all being kind to one another, we can make the basset hounds happy again.

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