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    15 Dogs Who Are Obviously Mom's Favorite

    Mom claims she doesn't play favorites, but we all know she's lying.

    1. This pooch who gets to celebrate 21 long before the humans do.

    2. These twinsies.

    3. This dog living a life of luxury.

    4. This dog with his own ice cream AND ice cream guardian.

    5. This pup who never calls shotgun, but never has to.

    6. Sophie and her adventures.

    7. Sugar and her salmon dinners.

    8. This dog who gets whatever she wants at the store.

    9. This little fellow who still gets held as an adult.

    10. This dog and her matching bouquet.

    11. This dog with a nicer bed than most.

    12. This lucky birthday boy.

    13. And this one, too.

    14. This lil' smirker with his fancy chair.

    15. And finally, this dog who replaced the human child on the family portraits wall.

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