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    13 Pictures To Brighten Your Bad Day

    They may or may not all be cute animals...

    1. When you're having a hard time finding a reason to smile, all you gotta do is look at a corgi.

    Pegasus / Cute or Not

    2. Or a cat having a grand ol' time in a paper bag.

    Stanley Who Loves Bags / Cute Or Not

    3. Don't forget about the little guys too, like this buddy who is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

    Bigge / Cute or Not

    4. "Are you starting to feel better?" this little fellow wants to know.

    Spencer / Cute or Not

    5. And this cat is overwhelmed at the idea of you not having a good day EVERY day.

    Jasmine / Cute or Not

    6. Check out this chunky little bunny, practically begging you to smile.

    Baby / Cute or Not

    7. And these cuddlers having the grandest of naps.

    Carley & Holly / Cute or Not

    8. Cheer up, pal. This kitten can't let you be down in the dumps for even another minute.

    Shadow / Cute or Not

    9. So get your game face on, like this pupper.

    10. Be brave like this adventurous hamster.

    John / Cute or Not

    11. Remember all the things worth being happy about.

    Perceval / Cute or Not

    12. Get some good sleep and gear up to conquer tomorrow like the hero you are!

    13. And don't forget about the fluffy puppies and curious kittens of the world wishing you all the best in life!

    Alfie / Cute or Not

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