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    Posted on Oct 31, 2015

    13 Animals Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

    Who says it's just a holiday for humans?

    1. This guy is being a tree.

    2. This cat has been planning her costume as "The Yard" since July.

    3. This lizard is doing a fine job as a cake topper.

    4. This panda is a very convincing bamboo tree.

    5. And this dog is showing true dedication with his ivy get up.

    6. Here's a perfectly executed 'Christmas Tree Angel.'

    7. This dog is an average stair. Just average.

    8. And this zebra hates Halloween but thought of a funny idea and went with it.

    9. Whereas this guy's costume is last minute, but clever enough that nobody will care.

    10. This cat is reflecting on how great her fruit costume is.

    11. And this dog is KILLIN it as a protestor.

    12. This kitty is going for "Cat ON The Hat."

    13. And this lady who has been WAITING for the day she could be an astronaut.

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