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    Artificial Happiness


    If you look up @pizzaequalslife on twitter, my account will be deleted. The social media site that I have been using to record my life since the 8th grade is gone. All the memories, the hashtag wars, and celebrity followers have been permanently erased. At first, I was upset. I freaked out. I second-guessed myself, and got upset because all my funny tweets and thousands of favorites are gone. I felt like a huge part of my past was gone, but now I am realizing that I don't need an account online to make me an authentic human.

    I gained much of my happiness through a website. I went through high school tweeting funny and outgoing things because I realized that's how to grasp attention, and also friends. It's been 3 months without a Twitter, and I have felt as if a HUGE weight has been lifted.

    I don't need a social media account to justify who I am as a person. I am funny, loud, creative, and so much more than a user on a website. I don't need to post funny things to gain attention or friends. I do not want to rely on a social media app to be happy and confident. My actions will determine who I am as a person- not my follower ratio or how many favorites and retweets. I do not want to be chained to my phone with the mindset of having to constantly update my friends to prove how successful and happy I am.

    For a long time Twitter was my happiness. It was how I faked who I was online to an extent where I lost who I really was. I got too caught up in the attention of it all, and I'm glad that stage of my life is in the past and deleted.

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