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Houston Still Needs Your Help

Even in the wake of Irma and Maria, those affected by Harvey are trying to rebuild their lives.

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51.88 inches. That’s how much rain was recorded after Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston metropolitan area. It marked a new record for the heaviest rainfall for a storm in the continental U.S., according to the National Weather Service. More than 20 trillion tons of water was dumped over the Gulf coast in a single week. Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed by the resulting floodwaters, leaving families nowhere to turn, but overcrowded shelters.

Although it has been over a month since Hurricane Harvey has passed, its effects still linger in the Houston area. Thousands of families were displaced as, even after the floodwaters receded, their homes were unable to be saved.

While organizations like Red Cross help in the immediate aftermath of unprecedented natural disasters like Harvey, it is not enough. More and more natural disasters are occurring and their focus shifts with each crisis.

That’s where the Houston Food Bank comes in. HFB provides short term and long term disaster relief and they need help now more than ever. They are supplying basic goods to those families who need help getting back on their feet as they try to rebuild their lives.

The Houston Food Bank is accepting donations at 535 Portwall St. in Houston. Here is where you can find HFB’s disaster relief page for more information. The Houston Food Bank is delivering the necessities, not just food in the aftermath of Harvey. People that wish to volunteer can sign up here. If you are unable to donate time or necessities please consider donating money to help fund the disaster relief efforts.

Stay Strong Houston.

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