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11 Things No One Tells You When Applying For A Job

You've got a degree, now what?

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1. You won’t find a job if you don’t apply

Everybody has to start somewhere. In this case, you have to actually start. You won’t get a job if you don’t start applying for them.

2. Don't apply to every job

In addendum to the first item, don’t apply to every job. Sure, you might be able to keep track of them, but no one puts in the same amount of dedication towards 30 applications as they do towards 10 applications.

3. Don't pick a job because it pays

If this is your first job chances are you’re not going to be making a lot of money, if you make any at all. Some internships don’t pay and that’s okay because it can still get you experience that you can add to your resume.

4. Keep track of your social media

Be careful about what you post on your social media pages. If companies are considering hiring you, they might take a look at your online presence.

5. Not all jobs have the same interview process

Some jobs might have a traditional interview, some might not. The application process for my first job was handing the boss a resume and showing that I could operate a camera at a football stadium after an hour of training.

6. Keep it to a page

It’s a sad fact, but no hiring manager is going to look at your resume if it’s longer than a page. Traditionally, they only spend about 8-10 seconds looking at each resume.

7. Check your spelling and grammar

Beware typos. No one will take you seriously even if you only left one small error in your resume. If you want to move further in the application process have someone you know double check your spelling and grammar.

8. Ask your references if they want to be one before listing them

If you’re thinking about listing that one teacher that liked you in your first year of college as a reference, make sure they know. Think of the shock they must get when a hiring manager asks about a student they haven’t thought about in years. A simple email asking permission goes a long way in avoiding an awkward situation.

9. Applying for jobs is a long process

Be prepared for a lot of waiting. Hiring managers have to go through all the people who applied for the same job you did. That could be anywhere from 10 people to 30 people.

10. Send your interviewer a thank you letter

It’s a simple thing that not many people do. Sending a letter within 24 hours to your interviewer, with their name, shows that you really want the job and it keeps you in their mind for a longer time.

11. Be prepared for rejection

Sad, but true. There are plenty of other people who want the same job that you do and they might get it. Don’t be discouraged, you just have to keep trying until you get a job.

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