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    36 Things Everyone Who Went To Exeter University Will Remember

    Flip-flops forever.

    1. Your home friends assumed that everyone in Exeter looks like this.

    Via Flickr: bobjagendorf

    "Alright, me luverrrrrrr?!"

    2. But really, they were more like this.

    Ekin Karasin / Via Buzzfeed

    3. Flip-flops reigned on campus whatever the weather.

    Flickr: elvisripley

    Torrential downpour? Earth-shattering hurricane? No match for a pair of Havaianas.

    4. Climbing the hill on Stocker Road was a battle of will and strength.

    5. You knew that getting a seat in the library any later than 10am wasn't possible.

    6. So, before long, Amory started to look like your only option.

    7. Eating a packet of crisps in Amory was a punishable offence.

    8. The Forum, all shiny and new, looked like Luton Airport's departures lounge.

    9. And it contained the Market Place, the best place to buy sandwiches.

    10. As well as some more niche products.

    The Tab / Via

    Cracked heel balm anyone? Or maybe some stuffed teddies?

    11. Old Lafrowda was basically a 1960s Danish prison.

    12. And announcing that you went to Holland Hall was like signing your life away.

    13. Even though Hollanders couldn't understand the fuss. / CC

    "So what if we have stunning views from our balconies!"

    14. You pitied anyone who lived in Mount Pleasant and politely refused any offer to pre-drink there.

    15. Of course, pre-drinks were treated like a military operation in order to get drunk and enter a club before the queues.

    16. Mosaic's queues were the worst.

    Flickr: xlibber

    If you got there after 9.30pm, you didn't deserve personal space.

    17. This is how the Lemmy made you feel as a fresher.

    18. And this is how it made you feel as a third-year.

    "Why do we keep coming here?"

    19. Timepiece on a Wednesday was absolute mayhem.

    The Tab / Via

    20. And it was physically impossible not to pull in Top Top.

    21. Although there was always a bit of a shock when the lights came on at 1.30am.

    22. Good old Arena always smelled like a hunk of festering feta cheese.

    23. Which is why you made friends for life in the smoking area.

    The Tab / Via

    24. Sidwell Street offered a myriad of delightful kebab shops after Cheesy Tuesdays.

    Flickr: goodthings

    Mega Kebab, Best Kebab, Golden Horn... THERE WERE JUST SO MANY.

    25. You became best friends with Gemini Taxis.

    26. Vic Street after a night out was just beyond description.

    27. But that didn't stop you feeling extremely proud if you lived there.

    28. On a hangover, a trip to Toby Carvery was the most sacred of pilgrimages.

    29. And thank god for Saunders and its never-ending selection of bargain snacks.

    Saunders Stores / Via Twitter: @SaundersStores

    Giant bag of Monster Munch? Stop it, Saunders, you're spoiling me!

    30. A trip to the Co-Op on Pennsylvania Road meant you were guaranteed to run into everyone you knew.

    31. The moment the sun came, out everyone had the same thought: TO THE CATHEDRAL!

    32. And when it got slightly more sunny: TO EXMOUTH!

    33. Because what better way to piss off all your mates at Manchester and Leeds than with photos of you frolicking in crystal-clear waters?

    Ekin Karasin / Via Buzzfeed

    "Diiiiiiiiid we mention it's just 20 minutes away?"

    34. The Quay was another warm-weather favourite.

    35. On The Waterfront did the best pizzas ever.

    36. Really, how could anywhere else compare?

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