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The End Of An Era

My last semester on campus I learned a lot, saw a lot of changes and began to prepare for the rest of my life. I still have no idea what I am doing but here's a little bit about my semester

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Coming Back to Campus for my last Semester was like...

I was very excited to be back on campus per usual. Last semester was a breeze and I was expecting this final semester to be the same. Most of my friends had graduated which was hard at first, but I figured I'd have more time for school work, work, Delta work, and my boyfriend.

MY MENTEE IS WHO....???!!!

I've been a peer mentor since my sophomore year of college and I had learned so much being one. I know how hard my transition into college was so my overall goal was to help minorities succeed at Bradley and stay motivated. I got paired up with a male student who had an older brother who currently attends Bradley. I guess Sherry wanted me to be a different kid of mentor. I accted as an academic coach, a keep him on the right track mom thing, and the one he went to for girl adivce. LOL TBH, I thought Sherry was out of her mind when she paired us together BUT I am so glad him and I where paired up.


I was paired up with my little back in August of 2015. Kai comes from a single parent home and is an only child in her moms house. Her mom travels a lot and kind of does her own thing. Kai does a lot of fun stuff with her mom, but thats about it. They don't talk very much about anything. So as a big sister, kai and I did a lot of educational things during our match up. Vision boarding so we could figure what things she enjoys doing, figuring out goals for school, outdoor activities, harvest fests, studying and mostly activities that involve a lot of talking just cause she's usually closed off from her mom on a communication level. Her mom and dad had some issues and kai ended up moving with her dad and our match had to close. I check in from time to time with Kai and I know shes doing well.

Back to the classroom

STRESSED. Probably the hardest semester ever of college. I actually studied and tried very hard this semester and my grades still sucked. I never spent so much time in the library until this semester.

Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life

between applying for post grad jobs and job in LA and finishing the semester I LEGIT STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. I got the job as a Delta Flight Attendant so thats cool. I start training in May. but my jobs in LA for the semester are even cooler and that makes me nervous to because what if i love it there and never want to leave, but Ill be leaving a lot behind. IDK

So long, Farewell to you my friends...

"so long farewell, until we meet again. Its been great to learn and sing together, but now it's time we say goodbye" Leaving behind my friends and the simple life is very scary for me. Ive never ever been far away from home so this new semester is going to be very weird for me. I have serious FOMO about being away from my sorors and just fun college stuff.

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