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5 Things That Still Bother Me About The Parent Trap

"I have class, and you don't."

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Let me start by saying that I love The Parent Trap. I watched it at least once a week growing up. It's amazing. But upon re-watching it recently, I couldn't help but notice a few harsh realities. Such as...

1. Nick and Elizabeth are terrible parents.

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Let's start with the obvious. Yeah, I get that it would have been hard to co-parent on two different continents but... seriously? Your solution was to just NEVER SEE ONE OF YOUR DAUGHTERS AGAIN? Was that really the best they could come up with? How did they even decide which infant to take? "You can have Annie, she seems like a bitch." "Deal. See you never." At some point in their lives Hallie and Annie are going to realize that had they never intervened, they never would have met their mother/father, JUST LIKE THEY PLANNED. That's one family therapy session I would enjoy sitting in on.

2. Nick Parker is an especially terrible parent.


In the six weeks Hallie is away at camp, Nick Parker hires a PR exec, seduces a PR exec, and then proposes to a PR exec. The fuck, Nick? You get engaged to a woman before even introducing her to your daughter? Who you're supposed to be practically best friends with? Also you really don't see that she's using you for your money? For shame, Nick, for shame.

3. Annie's camp friends suck.

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Remember when Annie lost the poker game and had to jump into the lake naked? And remember when Hallie and her crew stole all her clothes, leaving her standing around in the woods like a naked dummy? Well, where the hell were Annie's friends during all this? They didn't think to maybe hold her clothes for her? Or to say, "Hey, girl who looks just like Annie, don't take her clothes?" They didn't even wait for her to come out of the water! Annie's gang let her down.

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