• 1. Jay-Z

    He’s a hustler baby, and he made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.

  • 2. 50 Cent


  • 3. Christian Slater

    Two Yankee caps! He must be up to something really bad.

  • 4. George Michael

    The former Wham! singer was recently sentenced to eight weeks in jail for driving under the influence of drugs. Wham! was never the same after Andrew Ridgeley left.

  • 5. Lebron James

    Definitely considered a criminal in Cleveland. It’s not quite clear why Lebron, who is from Ohio, supports the Yankees, but then again he will probably support any team that’s winning.

  • 6. Dick Cheney

    The ultimate criminal mastermind in a Yankee cap! Notice also that Scooter Libby, in the background, is not wearing one. Crafty!

  • 7. Hillary Clinton

    For the sake of political balance, here’s Hillary as well, though she doesn’t seem to be married to it (what exactly does she seem to be married to?)

  • 8. James Franco

    Ok, so the mugshot is a promotional shot from General Hospital, but still.

  • 9. David Paterson

    Though no charges were filed, New York Governor David Paterson was accused of both witness tampering and perjury. Worst of all, he allegedly solicited free tickets from the Yankees for the World Series! (Wish there was a cheap joke in that somewhere…)

  • 10. Plaxico Burress

    As the mugshot will attest to, this is one seriously tall dude.

  • 11. John Mayer

    Mayer was arrested in 2001 for driving without a valid license. Lame.

  • 12. Hugh Grant

    Not the best picture, but it still serves as evidence. This former Oxford honors student was led into a life of crime and depravity by wearing a Yankee cap.

  • 13. A-Rod

    Case closed.