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The Popes: RANKED

Definitive and unquestioning ranking of the most important popes as told to me by the spirit of Christ in a dream whenst I slept below the cross in a church I built in an abandoned Benihana in South Jersey. Every pope left off this list was deemed 100% inconsequential by the lord and a quote "big ol' Catholic waste of time."

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44. Clement X

43. Stephen V

42. Louie VII

41. Pope Clement VII

40. Pope Theodore I

39. Pope Martin I

38. Pope Urban IV

37. Pope Sabinian

36. Clemens II

35. Pope Stephen II

34. Papa Ioannes I

33. Pope Stephen VII

32. Pope Gregory VII

31. Pope Sixtus IV

30. Innocent VIII

29. Gregory The Great

28. Agapitus I

27. Pape Clément XIV

26. JP Deuce

25. Pope Paschalis I

24. Bonifatius viii

23. Pope Anastasius II

22. Sansimpliciopapa

21. John VI

20. Pope Stephen III

19. Pope Gregory IV

18. Papst Clemens VIII

17. Leo xiii

16. Papa Giulio II

15. Pope Gregory IX

14. Pope John III

13. Paus Nicolaas V

Paus Nicolaas V

Paus Nicolaas V

12. Bonifac

11. Felix III

10. Felix IV

9. Pompeo Batoni

8. Pope Agatho

7. Pope John XVIII

6. Pope Francis

5. Nicholas IV

4. Pope Paul VI

3. Pope Boniface IV


1. Innozenz VI

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