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Is Your Real-Life Identity Influenced By Your Online Personality?

Facebook started it. Now you can’t help it.

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Is Your Real-Life Identity Influenced by your Online Personality? Facebook started it. Now you can’t help it. / Via

Social media interactions are very simple. Right? You create your profile, describe your personality, your occupation, relationship status, hobbies, likes, maybe dislikes and add some interesting or attractive pictures. Then, you start posting and choosing what you want others to know about yourself. As a result, you create your Online Identity.

Well, according to PsychCentral, findings from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology suggest that the opposite is also true: our real-life identity is influenced by our online personality. The trend, which was started by Facebook as a "simple" ranking site, evolved to become a new way to interact through many social media platforms and is now even changing how we perceive ourselves.

Real-Life Identity or Online Personality? / Via

The extent to which your online identity impacts your self-perception is tied to the value that you place on the validation or acceptance of your online world. In other words, the more you care about your online identity, the more likely you can be to assimilate your online experiences as part of your self-perception and to continue to use them to develop as a person.

The reality is that many of us are spending long hours in social media and tend to care more about our online identities than what we are aware of, or more than what we are willing to accept. A recent report from comScore shows that 18- to 34-year-olds in the United States spend over 1,000 minutes a month in Facebook -- about 33 minutes per day. The next closest competitors are Snapchat and Instagram, with 300 minutes and 400 minutes per month.

Signs That Your Online Personality Is Influencing Your Real-Life Identity:

How Popular Do You Think You Are? / Via

1. You are measuring your popularity based on the number of likes and shares you get per post. Face-to-face social acceptance, or connections in your offline world are now playing a secondary role.

Changes in Your Physical Appearance / Via

4. You have been changing your physical appearance (losing weight, changing your hairstyle, how you dress, etc.) following trends to appeal to your online friends and followers.

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