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A Video Of A Tiny Dog Falling Over Has Become An Extremely Relatable Meme

"Morning people vs. me"

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Meet Maguro and Tororo, two 7-year-old long-coat chihuahuas from Hiroshima, Japan. Last week, a video clip of the two of them waiting for their owner in the car became a meme.

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The video quickly spread, with thousands of people finding Maguro's meltdown very relatable.

"Morning people vs me."


It went international.

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"When you're too tired to function😂"

To Brazil...

"When you're crying while heading straight to the hell called college."

...and Mexico...

#AmoLosJuevesPorque ya te puedes echar unas cubas (aunque mañana te arrepientas)

"The day after partying hard. Me in my thirties vs me when I was 20."


He said he is surprised by the internet's response to the video: "I didn't think it was that funny."

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You can find more pictures and videos of the two chihuahuas being cute on their Instagram.

Instagram: @k

This post was translated from Japanese.

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