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This Cat Had The Best Reaction After He Was Caught Stealing A Piece Of Fish


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Chibikuro is a black cat from Japan. He was recently caught trying to eat a stolen piece of fried fish.

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When his owner demanded to know, "Who has dared to steal this fish?" Chibikuro's reaction was extremely relatable.


Instead of letting go of the piece of fish in his mouth, he wrapped his arm around it even more tightly and looked just a little bit sorry.

"When I caught him with the fish, Chibikuro refused to release it no matter what," Chibikuro's owner, Kuni-chan, told BuzzFeed News.


Kuni-chan said he thought it was funny so he showed his daughter and wife, who took a video.

He then shared it in a private Japanese Facebook group called "Black Cat Club," where it quickly went viral.


Chibikuro lives with Kuro, a cat who's four years older.


"We usually have to lock Chibikuro out of the dining room when we are eating," Kuni-chan said. "But Kuro rarely steals human food. It's like it knows what's forbidden."

"It's interesting how cats can have such different personalities," he said. "But both cats are loved in our family."

This post was translated from Japanese.

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