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    This Video Of A Kitten Preparing For Her Nap Time Will Blow All Your Worries Away

    Here's a little reminder that cats are just the best.

    This is Rui, a three-month-old Scottish Fold who lives in Tokyo, Japan.

    A video of Rui getting ready for her nap time recently went viral on Instagram.



    People were obviously lovestruck.

    Rui's owner, C-chan, told BuzzFeed News that the kitten loves to cuddle on her lap. "She usually falls asleep while I tease her," she added.

    "I was surprised but also very happy with all the response to the video," she said.

    C-chan explained that it was love at first sight with Rui, which happened at a pet store.

    "Rui is not afraid of anything and she's active," she said.

    "Vacuum machine, shampoo, car ride, hospital, vaccines — she's okay with anything that a house cat would typically be afraid of."

    "And she's a genius at getting friendly with other people (and cats)."

    Follow Rui and her friends on Instagram @c_chan_chan!

    This post was translated from Japanese.