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People Can't Believe These Mind-Bending Coin Stacks Are Real

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Shunsuke Tani told BuzzFeed News that he started stacking around four years ago, when he tried balancing a 1 yen coin on top of a 10 yen coin.


Then a 500 yen coin with a 1 yen coin.



And it just grew from there, with all of his creations now featured on his Twitter page @thumb_tani.


こういうのって時が止まったみたいな不思議さが面白いと思いませんか? えっ、思わない?あっそう。

こんな物を新聞とかテレビで取り上げて頂いて、素直に嬉しいと思います。 同時に 「実は接着剤とCGでした☆テヘペロ」 なんて言ったらどうなるんだろうっていう暗い好奇心も湧いてきます。


"It's funny, because there are many kinds of reactions such as 'Awesome', 'It's not nice to play with money', 'Isn't it glued, or CG?'" he said. "It's just something I do for fun, so I don't have any specific goal...but I'd like to create a larger work with a greater number of coins."

This post was translated from Japanese.

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