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    Posted on Sep 2, 2015

    Disney Princesses As "The Crow"

    You've seen them as Billy from "Saw." Here they are as vengeful rockers.


    Marie D'Ambrosio

    She has a super feisty nature, excelling at revenge would be in her blood.


    Marie D'Ambrosio

    You wouldn't want to mess with Belle if the Beast was ever in severe danger. She is whip-smart and would do anything for the Beast.


    Marie D'Ambrosio

    Tiana knows how to work hard. She would never give up trying to avenge her love.


    Marie D'Ambrosio

    She may look quiet, but she spent a lot of time tucked away, doing work for her family. Plus, she has all a lot of animal friends on her side.


    Marie D'Ambrosio

    She already knows how to fight. Imagine what she would do if she was feeling vengeful.

    Sleeping Beauty

    Marie D'Ambrosio

    So she fell in love with the first guy she met, and she would never ~sleep~ again if it meant someone she loved was in danger.

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