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16 Times Tumblr And Twitter Led The Fight Against Hay Fever

♫Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air...♫

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1. When you saw the enemy behind its petal façade:

Gifbay / Via

2. And realised the terrible truth:

3. When sneezing was too fast too furious:

Giphy / Via

4. And life became a series of close encounters with grass:

5. When your spring/summer style was effected, goddamnit:

6. When you finally understood the villain's plan for vengeance:

7. When you realised the sides had already been chosen:

8. And a bouquet became a Trojan Horse:

9. When the lawn was more dangerous than in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids:

I need to have a word with the earlier me who thought it was a good idea to mow the lawn with hay fever.

10. And you had to devise James Bond level gadgets:

11. When your emotional state was "hay fever":

Do I have hayfever or am I just silently crying, I don't even know anymore

12. But at least you had those sneezing muscles ready:

13. When the pollen crossed enemy lines:

14. And you knew you had to retaliate:

15. Suddenly you suspected sabotage:

16. The only way to protect yourself was clear:

It's #allergyawarenessweek How about this for a #hayfever cure?! Courtesy of Tomorrow's World

Oh well, maybe you can go outside next year.

Until then here's a sneezing baby panda:

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Original footage: LJM Productions Pty. Ltd.,/Wild Candy Pty / Via,

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