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    Me, My Lazy Self, And I Are Here For Zac Efron's Fitness YouTube Channel

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    This is Zac Efron, amazing actor and bona fide STUD!

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    His muscles have muscles!

    While he's not acting, I've come to learn that he has his VERY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

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    That's correct! Zac has a YT channel fully dedicated to fitness. Also, it documents his recovery journey after he tore his ACL.

    The most popular series on his channel is called Gym Time, where he hits the gym with various celebs.

    His most notable guests have been Nina Dobrev, Alexandra Daddario, and the Victoria's Secret Angels.

    Why did he make this channel you ask? WELL, 'cause even though Zac is a #rippedlegend, he also knows that there's still more for him to learn on his never-ending fitness journey.

    "My whole life I've been training," Zac says in his intro. "One of the best things, I think, you can do is take a step back and learn from people who do it better than you and do it different from you." We stan a humble king.

    You're probs like, "So this channel is just videos of Zac working out with various celebs?" And I'm like, "Yes, what's the issue?"

    My, my, Miss American Pie.

    So, if you love a topless Zac Efron and watching people work out so you don't have to, be sure to check out Zac's channel!

    You will have no regrets.

    Live footage of me binge-watching fitness videos from Zac Efron's channel:

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