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    Nothing Is More Precious Than Wells Adams Asking Sarah Hyland's IRL Parents And TV Parents For Their Blessing

    A traditional proposal for a ~modern family~.

    In case this is your first time on, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are probably the most precious couple out there.

    The Bachelor In Paradise bartender and Modern Family star got engaged last July and, as a longtime stan of these two, I was over the MOON!

    Sarah Hyland revealed a little tidbit about her engagement to Wells that somehow makes me love them even MORE.


    Last night was the series finale of Modern Family, and in a special that aired before the episode — A Modern Farewell — Sarah Hyland shared that Wells Adams not ONLY asked her real-life parents for their blessing before he proposed, but he ALSO asked her Modern Family parents.

    "When my fiancé proposed, he asked my mom and dad for their blessing," Sarah stated. "Then, he also hunted down Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell for their blessing. They really, really are like my second set of parents."


    My heart cannot handle this cuteness overload.


    Modern Family ended last night after 11 years on air and I don't think I'm going out on a limb here when I say that the cast was extremely close.

    So for Wells to go above and beyond to ask Sarah's television parents for her hand in marriage, well, I can't think of anything sweeter, can you?

    BRB, gotta go wipe away my tears now.

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