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    14 Instagrams Of Famous Couples That Made My Heart Skip A Beat

    The joy these couples bring me.


    1. Lily Collins posted these ~au natural~ pics of her and Charlie McDowell moments after he proposed. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

    2. Mandy Moore shared these joyous black-and-white snapshots of her and Taylor Goldsmith that also doubled as their pregnancy announcement!

    3. Machine Gun Kelly shared this adorable video of him and Megan Fox listening to "Bloody Valentine" — the music video she starred in — on the radio for the first time:

    4. Gabrielle Union shared these sleek-as-heck photos of her and Dwyane Wade lookin' 2 kewl 4 skewl:

    5. Jessica Biel shared this touching #TBT of her and Justin Timberlake from the 2019 Emmys:

    6. Dana Isaiah posted this precious family portrait of him, Jordin Sparks, and their lil' baby:

    7. Wells Adams shared this funny pic of him and Sarah Hyland that aged like a fine wine:

    8. Anthony De La Torre posted this candid of him and Lana Candor that SENT ME:

    9. Michael Angarano posted this poolside pic of him and Maya Erskine #NewCoupleAlert:

    10. Tamera Mowry posted this glistening snapshot of her and hubby Adam Housley from a pre-rona vacation:

    11. One-third of the Jonas Brothers (Kevin, specifically) posted this stunning pic of him and Danielle Jonas for her birthday:

    12. Madison Bailey shared these selfies of her and Mariah Linney feelin' themselves:

    13. Priyanka Chopra shared this sneaky and super sweet selfie of her and Nicholas for his birthday, aka a day we should ALL celebrate:

    14. Finally, Jordan Fisher shared this pic of him ~safely smoochin'~ his fiancée, Ellie Woods.

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