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    Wedding Planners Are Sharing Their "Bride Must Never Know" Stories And I'm Clutching My Bouquet

    Ignorance is bliss.

    As beautiful as they can be, weddings are often very stressful ordeals! There's the menu, the seating arrangement, the dress, the COST! So many things to worry about.

    Thankfully, there are glorious angels sent down from above who disguise themselves as wedding planners to handle all the stress that comes with weddings.

    However, as equipped as these humans are, even wedding planners have had to deal with some shit that have left their feathers ruffled.

    Recently, Reddit user waytoomanyfandoms asked the wedding planners of Reddit what their best "bride must never know stories" are. Lemme tell ya, these tales are something else.

    Here are some of the most wild stories:

    1. The time when the groom forgot the rings:

    2. The time when the caterer was fired for being high:

    3. The time when the dates got messed up:

    4. The time when the cake fell apart:

    5. The time when the wedding planner had to tackle the mother of the bride:

    6. The time when the flowers froze:

    7. The time when grandpa went missing:

    8. The time when there was a typo on the invitations:

    9. The time when grandpa got sick:

    10. The time when the guest wanted a plus one:

    11. The time when the brides had the same dress:

    12. The time when the groomsman was late:

    13. The time when the groomsman was missing:

    Do you have any stressful wedding stories? Let us know in the comments below!