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    Only A 2000s Girl Can, Like, Totally Pass These 13 Quizzes

    Many will enter, but only true 2000s girls will win.

    ATTENTION KIND FOLK: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of trivia and personality quizzes specifically designed for 2000s girls — all in one place for your convenience. How nice am I? Let's see if you can pass 'em all and make Hilary Duff proud!

    Buena Vista Pictures

    You...a, a 2000s girl? Shut up!

    1. If You Haven't Seen 23/34 Of These Shows, Then You're Not A 2000s Girl

    MTV / The CW

    Sure, you've seen Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls, but this quiz will determine if your taste in television is up to snuff!

    2. 2000s Girls Will Have A Very Difficult Time Choosing One Movie From Every Year Of Their Childhood

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    How is a girl to decide? If you think you're up for the challenge, then take this quiz to see how your opinions compare to everyone else!

    3. Do You Remember Miranda's Sweater Speech From "The Devil Wears Prada" Or Are You Incompetent?

    20th Century Fox

    If you don't remember this speech, please bore someone else with tales of your incompetence. If you do, take this quiz to see if you'd make Miranda proud!

    4. If You've Read 18/32 Of These Books Then You're, Like, Totes A '00s Girl

    Poppy / Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

    If the names Meg Cabot, Kate Brian, Melissa de la Cruz, and Lisi Harrison mean ANYTHING to you, then this is the quiz for you!

    5. Here Are 14 Photos Of Iconic Outfits From Teen Movies, Let's See If You Know Which One They're From

    Sony Pictures / Paramount Pictures

    Do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble-y challenged? Put your style knowledge to the test by taking this quiz!

    6. If You Can Get A 5 On This AP "Mean Girls" Test, I'll Be, Like, Seriously Impressed

    7. If You Can Identify 16/20 Of These Movie Boyfriends, Then You're Totes A 2000s Girl

    Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures/Warner Bros.

    Aaron Samuels, Duke Orsino, Austin Ames, oh my! If you crushed on these teen hotties, then you can definitely pass this quiz.

    9. If You Can ID 16/20 Of These Teen Meanies, Then You're 100% A 2000s Girl

    Paramount Pictures

    Sure, you know Regina George, but can remember the names of all the other teen girls you rooted against? Take this quiz to find out!

    10. If You Don't Know The Lyrics To 31/42 Of These Songs, Then You're Not A 2000s Girl


    If you're a holla back girl who's willing to travel 1000 miles to find your skater boi, then take this quiz right here!

    11. If You're A 2000s Girl, I Am Truly Sorry For The Hard Decisions You're Gonna Have To Make

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    This is, without a doubt, the hardest game of "Would You Rather" EVER. But, if you think you can be decisive, then please be my guest by taking this quiz!

    12. If You've Seen 18/28 Of These Movies, Then You Definitely Went To A Lot Of Sleepovers As A Kid

    13. You Can Only Pick One Outfit Per 2000s Girl Movie. Those Are The Rules.

    Ehis Osifo / BuzzFeed

    If you think you're up to this fashion challenge, then take this quiz to see how your opinions compare to everyone else's!

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