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    Netflix Has A New Show Called "Tiny Pretty Things," And I Am 100% Confused Yet 200% Invested

    ~Tiny pretty little liar things~

    As someone who grew up dancing ballet, I watch any and all content about the art form: Center Stage, Flesh and Bone, The Nutcracker, you name it!

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    So, when Netflix released its latest teen drama, Tiny Pretty Things, I just KNEW I had to watch.

    Oren lifting Neveah up while dancing
    Sophie Giraud /Netflix

    This show has it all: sex, drugs, lies, deceit, a girl in a coma who is also the narrator, co-ed saunas, a ballet dedicated to a serial killer, and SO MUCH MORE.

    Bette and Oren laying on a blanket in the park
    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    So, here are all the funniest jokes about this tiny, pretty mess of a show:


    it’s the way every single faculty member in tiny pretty things apart from the wrench and topher are going STRAIGHT TO HELL


    The girls in Tiny Pretty Things every other scene:


    me on episode 9 of tiny pretty things when ramon said tiny pretty things


    I watch tiny pretty things for the plot The plot:


    Netflix: “Tiny Pretty Things” My Brain:”Pretty Little Things” “Pretty Little Liars”


    I started Tiny Pretty Things and all I see when I look at this guy is Sabrina spellman


    everybody in tiny pretty things is basically fucking each other I’m- #TinyPrettyThings



    when i see bette from tiny pretty things. On fucking sight.


    tiny pretty things knows thier shit ahhhhhhh~ ep 9


    Oren when Shane tried to kiss him #TinyPrettyThings


    They really had Oren telling Neveah he loves her out of the blue with zero development... #TinyPrettyThings


    #TinyPrettyThings not neveah and nabil kissing right in front of a comatose Cassie


    #TinyPrettyThings Oren and Neveah ?? Since when ? Did I miss something ?


    So Nevaeh and Oren are in love now? I mean they're cute and all but bitch y'all haven't talked since like episode 3. #TinyPrettyThings


    June after Neveah found her tiny ballet figurine in her record player #TinyPrettyThings


    i think he did it but i just can’t prove it #TinyPrettyThings @netflix


    #TinyPrettyThings My reaction to June blaming Neveah for everything going wrong in her life without evidence! Girl how is it Neveah’s fault you can’t pay for a 3 dollar hotdog


    Monique Du’Bious groomed two young men and we’re just supposed to act like it doesn’t matter #TinyPrettyThings


    Am i the only one who wanted them to f*ck #Nabilandcaleb #TinyPrettyThingsNetflix #tinyprettythings


    Ramon to June basically #TinyPrettyThings #TinyPrettyThingsNetflix


    Tiny Pretty Things is chaos!! A gay teen sex scene where the boys roll around and talk about their V-lines!!


    now how old are the characters in tiny pretty things on netflix supposed to be? because all this unnecessary nudity is making euphoria look like a church special



    The men of Tiny Pretty Things appreciation tweet


    Tiny Pretty Things is VERY flawed but I also ate up every second of it. Pls watch if you have 10 hours to spare

    27. In conclusion:

    Tiny Pretty Things, like Emily In Paris, was one of the worst shows I’ve seen in my life and I can’t wait for a second season.

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