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    People Are Sharing Childhood Memories That Younger Peeps Couldn’t Possibly Understand, Me Included

    Never have I ever felt so young in my entire existence.

    Ever see young children today, actin' a fool, taking things for granted, and wanted to hit them with your wise knowledge of challenges you grew up with as a kid??

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    Well, this week in Twitterland, news radio host Aaron M. Sanchez asked his followers to "name one thing from your childhood someone younger wouldn’t understand."

    Without saying how old you are, name one thing from your childhood someone younger wouldn’t understand.

    Let's just say that some of responses had me googling like the Gen Z'er that I am:

    1. The way kids used to order books:

    @AaronMSanchez Best day of the school year.

    2. This pre-Netflix viewing experience:

    @AaronMSanchez Getting out of your chair to change TV channels, and there being nothing interesting on any of the 3 available stations.

    3. This car seating experience:

    @AaronMSanchez Front bench seats in cars.

    4. This pre-Fandango movie experience:

    @AaronMSanchez Looking at newspaper for movie times.

    5. This odd method of communication:

    @AaronMSanchez Calling a landline, having a parent answer and asking if your friend was home

    6. This pre-Apple Music way to make a playlist:

    @AaronMSanchez Listening to the radio all day waiting to play your favorite song so you could hit record on the boom box.

    7. This method of research I've only ever seen in movies:

    @ImHereToHateOn @woopow8 @AaronMSanchez Actually opening an encyclopedia

    8. This precursor to online shopping:

    9. This shared olfactory experience:

    @AaronMSanchez @dreamweaver1001 Coming back to the classroom after getting copies for your teacher, and after handing out the copies, everyone smelling the paper before we read it.

    10. This pre-iPhone selfie tragedy:

    @AaronMSanchez I lost all of the photos captured on one of my birthdays, because the camera roll wasn’t installed properly.

    11. This phone call phenomenon:

    @AaronMSanchez Being pissed off at a phone number with 9s or 0s in it because you have to wait so long for the dialer to return.

    12. This pre-Nintendo Switch occurrence:

    @AaronMSanchez You have to blow on the game cartridge if it doesn't work first time.

    13. This signal that it's curfew:

    @AaronMSanchez Watching The Dukes of Hazzard on Friday night and knowing I had to go to bed when Dallas started

    14. This pre-caller ID circumstance:

    @AaronMSanchez Dialing *69 to find out who called you...from a rotary phone hanging in the kitchen wall... with a cord eight feet long.

    15. This first day of school activity:

    @AaronMSanchez Covering your text books with brown paper

    16. This Saturday morning ritual:

    @AaronMSanchez Cartoons on TV Saturday AM, only.

    17. This wild bargain!

    @AaronMSanchez Going to the candy store with 25 cents in my pocket, to buy a bag filled with my favorite penny candy. I can picture the assortment I chose from!

    18. This...machine?

    @gr82bamom1 @clfortna @AaronMSanchez @dreamweaver1001 Ahhhh.... the smell fresh off the mimeograph!

    19. This...method?

    20. This...announcement?

    @AaronMSanchez At the tone, the time will be...

    21. rhyme?

    @AaronMSanchez Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

    22. This...wait, is this where "Be kind, rewind" came from???

    @AaronMSanchez Rewinding vhs tapes before returning them to Blockbuster

    23. This...tape club? IDK.

    @AaronMSanchez Columbia Record Club - 11 records or tapes for a dollar!

    24. This...idk, is this the Dewey Decimal System?

    25. Whatever this arrangement was:

    @AaronMSanchez Collect Operator: "At the tone please state your name." Me: "Done Pick-Me-Up." Operator: "So you accept this call?" Mom/Dad: Hang-up, start the car. The original chauffeur service.

    26. And, finally, whatever this sounds like:

    @AaronMSanchez The sound from a modem when connecting to AOL

    So I challenge y'all to drop an experience from your childhood without giving away your age below! Teach a new dog some old tricks.


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