18 Tweets About The Duke Of Hastings Not Being In Season 2 Of "Bridgerton" To Help You Laugh Through The Pain

    Sorry, Regé can't come to the phone right now, he's too busy auditioning for his next role as my boyfriend.

    At 9 a.m. PT on Friday, April 2, it was announced that Regé-Jean Page would not be reprising his role as Simon, the Duke of Hastings in the second season of Bridgerton.

    I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say that RJP was the breakout star from the saucy, Regency era drama, so to say that the Bridgerton hive was shook is an understatement:

    Like, as a fan of the series and a stan of Regé, I'm a lil' bummed that we're not going to see him raise his adorable child or share a loving glance with Daphne or lick more inanimate objects next season:

    So here are some funny tweets about the departure of our favorite Duke:


    I too, will not return for Bridgerton Season 2 https://t.co/zBVloiR5m6

    Twitter: @NellyBota


    rege jean-page leaving bridgerton...

    Twitter: @mitskisthumb


    Women trying to process that Regé-Jean Page wont be in season 2 of #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @theSheenaB


    Regé-Jean Page after making us all fall in love with #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @iWatchiAm


    Daphne will but we bid adieu remain a to Regé-Jean devoted wife Page, who so & sister, triumphantly played the Duke of Hastings #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @bloodyrachell


    Twitter: @bestofrjeanpage


    I didn’t know this needed to be said, but Rege Jean-Page is who got #Bridgerton to be the most watched Netflix show.

    Twitter: @mercxkurt


    Shonda be like “Duke who?” #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @NeenaQueen20


    I can deal with the DUKE of SUSSEX leaving but not the DUKE of Hastings #Bridgerton #netflix #RegeJean

    Mega Agency / Twitter: @planna79


    Ok so we will never hear Simon say I love you to Daphne? We will never see him teach his son his letters and numbers? the pall mall scene? Daphne “a devoted wife” without her husband doesn’t make any sense. I’m sad and disappointed let me be #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @mschls


    My reaction after hearing that the Duke won't be coming back for the season 2 of #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @kelvinellish


    @Variety But he's....why we watch it #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @JelisaChatman


    how the locals are receiving the simon news vs. the bridgerton readers knowing that it was bound to happen one day #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @purpIetales


    Twitter: @BridgertonOC


    No, @regejean! You CANNOT leave me like that. I WILL NOT have it! @bridgerton!!!!!!

    Twitter: @dionnewarwick


    Liza Minnelli has outlived Regé-Jean Page's time on Bridgerton. His character, Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings will not be returning.

    Twitter: @LiZaOutlives

    17. You know what they say, with every dark cloud...

    it makes perfect sense to me that regé-jean page is leaving bridgerton...to become one of the biggest stars on the planet in the next five years

    18. ...comes a silver lining:

    It's Anthony Bridgerton's time to shine. You just gotta deal with it.