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    29 Jokes For True Crime Podcast Listeners To Laugh At After A Gruesome Episode

    *Me at the club* "Hi, do you have the Crime Junkie theme song?"

    If you're anything like me, then you listen to a LOT of true crime pods — Morbid, Crime Junkie, Last Podcast on the Left — ESPECIALLY when you're doing tasks around the house, driving in your car, or going for long walks in your neighborhood.

    So, here are some funny and relatable tweets for anyone who bops along to true crime pods 24/7:


    Girl, are you a true crime podcast? Because I can’t wait to half-listen to you & then act like I got you all figured out.


    probably the only thing worse than getting murdered would be getting murdered and then a true crime podcast says "we've got a really freaking awesome one for you this week" before doing an entire episode about you getting murdered


    two babies starting a true crime podcast about who got their nose


    True Crime Podcast Idea: 'The Husband Didn't Do It'. It will be 2 episodes.


    The preferred nomenclature is “true crime podcast”


    This is me in public reacting to a juicy true crime podcast


    I hate gangsta rap. It celebrates violence and brutality towards women. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go download a true crime podcast.


    People who use sleep masks do NOT listen to true crime podcasts


    @camillard my favorite part of true crime podcasts are when the women say “as usual, the police were not helpful”


    This is the last known photo of the couple together before they became the subject of an eight-part true-crime podcast sponsored by Casper Mattresses.


    There should be a website where you can opt out of appearing in true crime shows in the event you die a gruesome but intriguing death.


    what i’m listening to: graphic true crime podcasts on violence and death what i look like:


    I think I can speak for the whole True Crime podcast community when I say FUCK the word rural.


    I need an entire album of just true crime narrative songs from Taylor Swift


    if i was a dj i would put on the crime junkies theme song and watch white women go crazy



    My true crime junkie ass listening to No Body No Crime on repeat: #TaylorSwift


    I listen to too many true crime podcasts to have kids. One accidental drop on the head and your kid is the next Ted Bundy I stg


    Idk why me the most anxious person I know continue to listen to true crime podcasts


    I love that every true crime podcast I listen to is sponsored by home security systems. Like, don't let this happen to you! 🤣


    ok like listen to any true crime podcast and you will know how ineffective and dangerous the police are...........


    If you’re not eating fast food in your car so you can listen to your true crime podcast in peace, are you even single?


    Me, in normal life: let’s talk about risk in a reasonable and rational fashion Me, listening to true crime podcasts: never do anything, absolutely anything, ever


    Well, in addition to being a reader of thrillers and watched of true crime TV shows, my best friend got me hooked on a true crime podcast, so my confidence that I could pull off the perfect murder has gone from high to excessive


    she was new in town and didn’t have any friends, until she decided to trust a handsome stranger —hallmark movies and true crime podcasts


    If I've learned one thing from listening to true crime podcasts, it's that they can, and will, read your DMs out in a court of law.


    I walk 2 miles every day while listening to a long-form true crime podcast. My family is used to me referring to "my murder walk" but I did not think about how it would sound in my Zoom meeting.


    Unless your true crime podcast ends with a definitive 'and it turns out the killer was _______ all along' then I don't have 16 hours for you.

    29. In conclusion:

    After the amount of true crime podcasts I've binged over lockdown, I'm not really sure I actually even want to leave the house again...