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Let's See If You Can Lose Less Money Than The "Too Hot To Handle" Cast At The No-Sex Retreat

Who knew whipped cream was such a no-no in the bedroom?

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To celebrate the release of Too Hot to Handle Season 2, we had the sex retreaters β€” Cam, Emily, Carly, Chase, Kayla, Nathan, Melinda, and Marvin β€” take a BuzzFeed quiz to see if they could make it through THTH retreat without losing money:


Spoiler alert: they lost money. But who lost the MOST? Watch the video below to find out πŸ‘€:

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Now it's your turn! Take our "Can You Survive The Too Hot To Handle Retreat Without Losing Money?" quiz below and compare your result with the rest of the cast's:

Be sure to catch Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle, now streaming on Netflix.

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