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    13 Differences Between The "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Book And Movie

    Reading the book + watching the movie = twice as much Peter K.! *spoilers ahead*

    As an avid YA fiction reader, when I found out To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was becoming a movie, I was worried it wouldn’t stand up to the book. BUT, BOY, WAS I WRONG.

    Simon & Schuster, Netflix

    And even though it might actually be the best book-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, there were still some differences between the two. Here are some of them:

    *spoilers ahead!*

    1. Kitty mails Lara Jean's letters out of sisterly love.


    Kitty, while still a bratty-but-lovable little kid in both the book and the movie, was kind of petty in the book. She sends out the letters because Lara Jean was teasing her for her crush on their sister Margot’s boyfriend, so she wanted to embarrass Lara Jean. In the movie, Kitty sends the letters out because she wants her sister to live her best life and because she wanted to bring some much needed intrigue to Lara Jean's, no shade, boring life.

    2. Lara Jean almost runs Peter K. over with her car.


    Lara Jean and Peter K.'s first major conversation — the start of their ~romance~ — both happen due to car troubles. In the book, she gets into a car accident and Peter pulls over to make sure she's OK. In the movie, she almost runs Peter over with her car. Regardless, Lara Jean behind the wheels of a car = something is going to happen.

    3. Peter K. drives a Jeep. A smooth ride for a ~smooth operator~.


    In the book, Peter K. drives a bitchin' black Audi. In the movie, Peter K. drives a bitchin' silver Jeep. The only thing hotter than Peter K. in either of these sweet rides is the fact that he does not complain about giving Lara Jean and her sister, Kitty, rides to school and other places. It might seem like a small difference, but it was extra swoon worthy in the book when Peter K. gave up driving his Audi to drive his mom's minivan so that Lara Jean and Kitty could both fit in his car. In the movie, the Jeep fits all of them, no problem. TBH, though, *I* just want a boyfriend who's willing to drive me around places, regardless if he's a fake one or not.

    4. Lara Jean is obsessed with romance books and John Hughes' movies.


    Lara Jean is a romantic, through and through. In the book, she's either spending her time scrapbooking, documenting her life via craft paper and cute keepsakes, or baking snickerdoodles and other delicious treats. In the movie, she spends her time with her nose in romance novels and watching John Hughes movies.

    5. Lara Jean ~basically~ has to deal with all the boys at once when the letters go out.


    In the book, Lara Jean has a bit of a break between the boys as they confront her about the letters. In the movie, she's kinda bombarded with them in a span of five minutes — which, TBH, that would make me faint, too — but that leads us to...

    6. Lara Jean and Peter K. first kiss is in the middle of gym class.


    In both instances, Lara Jean kisses Peter K. so that Josh, Margot's ex-boyfriend/Lara Jean's best friend, would not think she was in love with him. In the book, Josh tries to approach her at her locker, and when he does, she runs away from him and into the arms of Peter K. In the movie, the same thing happens, but on the track field. Both were cute AF. Both were awkward AF. Both made me jealous AF that she got to kiss Peter K.

    7. Peter K. wants to get his ex, Gen, back.


    In the book, Gen leaves Peter K. for a college boy, and so he proposes that he and Lara Jean start their fake relationship so that he can show Gen he's over her. In the movie, Peter K. knows that him dating Lara Jean would make Gen jealous, so he proposes their fake relationship to get her back. Why Gen would dump Peter K. beats me. I mean, with that smile? Sa-woon.

    8. Lara Jean's support system grows, by like, 200%.


    When things turn to shit for Lara Jean in the book, she either consults Margot or Kitty or handles it on her own. In the movie, Lara Jean still has her sisters, but she also has Chris, who, even though she was in the book, is WAY MORE of a supportive friend, WAY LESS of a flake and, overall, Lara Jean's #1 confidant in the movie. Also, in the movie, Lara Jean befriends Lucas, one of the boys who got a letter. And, honestly, their friendship is so cute and supportive, an I'M HERE FOR IT.

    9. Lara Jean and Peter K. have deep conversations.


    Don't get me wrong, Lara Jean and Peter K. have some pretty important conversations in the book, but in the movie, they really open up to each other about a lot of things, most importantly, about the loss of a parent — the death of Lara Jean's mom and the departure of Peter K.'s dad.

    10. There's a cute Halloween scene omitted from the movie.


    In the book, for Halloween, Lara Jean dresses up as Cho Chang from Harry Potter and Peter K. dresses up as Spider-Man. It's all hella cute, especially when Peter K. chases Lara Jean down the hallway and pretends to shoot spiderwebs at her and she pretends to cast spells on him. Alas, that scene was NOT in the movie, which is a damn shame. Needless to say, I'd get caught in Peter K.'s web any day.

    11. There's also an antique shopping scene omitted from the movie.


    In the movie, we either see Lara Jean and Peter K. at school, at the diner, or with their families. We didn't really see them hang out alone. In the book, there's this one scene where Peter K. and Lara Jean go and pick up some antique chairs for Peter K.'s mom. It's not that ~major~ of a scene, but I liked it because it was one of the first times we see Peter K. and Lara Jean just hanging out because they wanted to, not to keep up appearances. Even though the movie lost points for omitting this scene, there were more than enough other scenes with Peter K. to make up for it.

    12. Lara Jean and Peter K. fight because she thinks he wants to get back together with Gen.


    After the ~infamous~ hot tub scene, Peter K. and Lara Jean fight, and then break up, because he didn’t really do anything clear up the rumors about them having sex. In the movie, they fight, because after their steaming hot tub kiss, Peter K. goes to Gen's room, and Lara Jean believes that Peter K. still wants to get back together with her, even after they shared their ~moment~.

    13. It all starts and ends with a letter.


    In the book, when Lara Jean comes to her senses about her true feelings for Peter K., she begins to write him a new letter. AND THEN THE BOOK ENDS. CLIFFHANGER, MUCH?? (But don't fret, we have two more books about Lara Jean and Peter K.'s heartwarming romance.) In the movie, she still writes Peter K. a letter, but she goes to him in person, reads it aloud to him, kisses him like the kween that she is, thus solidifying their new and REAL relationship. It doesn't get much better than that, people.

    All in all, the book is great, and the movie is also great. Even though they changed some things, I thoroughly loved it. But again, can't go wrong with either because reading the book + watching the movie = twice as much Peter K.