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    19 Of Benson And Stabler's Best Moments From "SVU" That Make My Heart Go "Dun Dun"

    Name a more iconic duo than Olivia and Elliot — I dare you.

    To celebrate the premiere of Law & Order: Organized Crime — and, more importantly, the reunion of Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, which has been a decade in the making — here's a timeline of Stabler and Benson's best moments from the OG SVU:

    1. When Stabler insisted on keeping a close eye on Benson after a creepy stalker set his sights on her:

    Elliot telling Olivia to flash her lights when she gets inside

    2. Also, in that same episode, when Stabler sipped from the same cup of OJ as Benson after driving across town in order to give her a ride to work:

    Stabler sipping from the same cup of orange juice as Benson

    3. When Stabler made this all-too-important vow to Benson after she broke the cardinal rule of coworkers:

    Benson and Stabler having a conversation by their lockers

    4. When Stabler confided in Benson about Kathy taking the kids and leaving him:

    Stabler confiding in Benson

    5. When Stabler reminded Benson of her worth after a case involving someone who's a product of rape hit too close to home:

    Stabler talking to Benson as she exits the precinct

    6. When Benson risked her job — and lost the life of a young child — to save Stabler:

    Stabler and Benson having an emotional conversation in the hospital waiting room.

    7. When, after the fallout of "Fault" resulted in a partner reassignment, Stabler and Benson were finally reunited as partners:

    Benson and Stabler confirming that they'd give one another their kidneys

    8. When Stabler and Benson finally confirmed that their partnership and friendship were back on solid ground:

    Benson and Stabler having a conversation on his stoop

    9. When Stabler told Benson that he couldn't stay away from the job...or was he talking about HER:

    Stabler stopping by Benson's desk for a quick chat

    10. When the internal affairs evaluator told Cragen that Elliot and Olivia were "too close," but splitting them up would be a mistake:

    The evaluator giving her results to Capt. Craigen

    11. When Stabler embraced Benson in a rare hug after she saved a very pregnant Kathy after her car accident:

    Benson rescuing Kathy after her car accident; Benson and Stabler hugging in the hospital waiting room

    12. When Benson made the astute remark about Stabler that he was, in fact, a carrot:

    A childhood photo of Stabler dressed as a carrot

    13. When Benson ended up in this ~precarious~ situation with Stabler:

    Benson and Stabler putting on a lil' hooker ruse

    14. When Stabler cradled Benson after he thought she'd been shot/that he'd lost her:

    Stabler cradling Benson after he thought she'd been shot

    15. When Stabler took care of Benson when she had the flu:

    Stabler taking care of a very sick Benson

    16. When Stabler braced Benson after child protective services took Calvin away from her/terminated her custody of him:

    Stabler bracing Benson as they remove Calvin from her custody

    17. When Stabler and Benson shared this sweet embrace after the murder of Assistant District Attorney Sonya Paxton:

    Benson and Stabler hugging after the death of Sonya Paxton

    18. When Stabler and Benson went undercover at a swingers club as a married couple in order to solve the case:

    Benson and Stabler pretending to be man and wife

    19. Last but not least, when Benson broke down in the squad room after finding out from Cragen that Stabler resigned without saying goodbye:

    Benson breaking down after Stabler resigned