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    21 Times Sex Scenes Were So Wrong In Movies, It Dried You Right Up

    Say it with me: PEE AFTER YOU HAVE SEX.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the things movies always get wrong about sex. Here are the best replies:

    1. When watches, necklaces, socks, shoes, and other accessories are never removed before sex.

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    2. Or, you know, when women keep their bras on during sex.

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    3. When women just lay in bed after sex instead of rushing to the bathroom to PEE!


    4. When men are able to slide into a woman with one thrust and there's no awkward fumbling around or fancy maneuvering.


    5. When only skinny people are seen having sex β€” there's a lack of representation when it comes to plus-sized and disabled people.

    The CW


    6. When sex only happens under the covers even though we ALL know how hot β€” temperature-wise, that is β€” sex can be.


    7. When there's always a sexy striptease instead of people awkwardly trying to get out of their skinny jeans.

    The CW


    8. When sex is always serious, instead of funny or giggly or, let's face it, awkward.

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    9. When the woman's makeup somehow looks MORE flawless post-coitus than pre-coitus.


    10. When the room is filled with hundreds of candles even though the decision to have sex was made five minutes ago.

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    11. When black characters have sex and there isn't a headscarf in SIGHT!


    12. When two people orgasm at the same time.

    Wild Bunch

    13. When no one showers after sex β€” and if they do, it's to have more sex, instead of, you know, rinsing off.

    The CW

    14. When no one uses lube.

    Focus Features

    15. When couples are able to seamlessly switch positions without communicating it first.

    The CW


    16. When couples start the sexy times before they get in the house β€” elevators, cars, hallways, you name it.

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    17. Or, you know, when couples can't even make it to the bedroom and have sex against a wall.

    New Line Cinema


    18. When the blanket covers the man's privates while also covering the woman's boobs.

    IFC Films


    19. When couples don't engage in dirty talk.


    20. When all teenagers seem to lose their virginity on prom night.



    21. Finally, when sex is ALWAYS beautiful to look at in movies, which it isn't often IRL (but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful to experience).

    New Line Cinema


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