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    The Trailer For "There's Someone Inside Your House" Is Here, And I'm Officially Shaking In My House Slippers

    "Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone."

    Halloween is 48 days away, which means I am gearing up for spooky season and horror content. Luckily, Netflix served us a nice amuse-bouche in the form of the There's Someone Inside Your House trailer:

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    This teen horror flick is based on the YA novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins.

    The cover art for There's Someone Inside Your House which has the title hovering over a stairwell
    Macmillan Children's Books

    In case this author's name looks familiar, it is in fact the same person who wrote Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and Isla and the Happily Ever After. She has range!!!

    After the death of popular footballer Jackson Pace, the senior class of a small Nebraska town is on edge when they find out the killer wore a mask of his victim's face. The killer's objective? To expose everyone's secrets.

    Jackson getting murdered by the killer inside his home

    This is, in a word, terrifying. 

    Our story specifically focuses on Makani Young (played by Sydney Park) after her ~mysterious transfer~ from her high school in Hawaii to her new school in Nebraska:

    Makani laying on the couch

    The drama! The mystery! The intrigue! 

    The students of this cornfed town initially think the murder of Jackson is a one-off, but once their secretly racist student council president and Makani's crew member Rodrigo — who's secretly addicted to prescription drugs — is murdered, these kids soon realize that it wasn't a one-off, but the act of a serial killer:

    Makani taking a selfie with her friends before Rodrigo gets brutally murdered

    IDK what's scarier, a killer inside your house or that said house being in Nebraska... 

    OF COURSE, everyone in town thinks the killer is Oliver Larsson (played by Théodore Pellerin), because he's a ~loner~ and wears ~all black~, but little does everyone know, Oliver and Makani have a lil' sum'n sum'n going on, and Makani wouldn't fall for a killer...right?

    Makani and Oliver making eyes across the cafeteria

    Star-crossed lovers! 

    But is he the killer? Or is it someone else? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

    Dimension Films

    Anyway, this film is chock-full of premium teen content™: horror edition!

    We got cheeky references to '90s cult classics:

    Alex making a macabre joke at a party

    The resident dude in town who knows a lil' too much at all times but is mostly there to serve as a red herring:

    A man talking aloud to himself in front of the town police station

    A secret from the past that's inevitably going to come out:

    Makani having a flashback to a fiery night


    The killer appearing inside of Makani's house

    So, mark your calendars for Oct. 6 — the very day you can stream There's Someone Inside Your House, only on Netflix.

    Title card for There's Someone Inside Your House

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