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21 Moments From "The Simpsons" That'll 200% Freak You Out Because They 100% Predicted The Future

Which came first...the chicken or The Simpsons episode?

1. When Donald Trump became president of the United States:

2. When Lady Gaga was suspended from the air during a performance:

3. When Homer voted on a rigged voting machine:

4. When a statue of a problematic figure got beheaded:

5. When two characters modeled after Siegfried and Roy were attacked by a tiger:

6. When smart watches became a must-have accessory:

7. When the Ebola virus hit the world:

8. When the US beat Sweden in curling in the Winter Olympics:

9. When Bengt Holmström won the Nobel Prize:

10. When Daenerys torched all of King's Landing in Game of Thrones:

11. When JC Penney's went out of business:

12. When kids became obsessed with farming and agriculture games:

13. When the Amazon was on fire:

14. When Disney+ announced The Mandalorian:

15. When Cats was a box office bomb and overall awful film:

16. When tech devices would predict your text (usually incorrectly):

17. When Homer solved the Higgs boson equation:

18. When Bart caught a three-eyed fish next to a nuclear power plant:

19. When horse meat was found in food:

20. When Greece took an economic downturn:

21. Finally, when Disney bought Fox:


An earlier version of this post included a TikTok that pointed out a few instances in which The Simpsons predicted the current events of 2020. That has since been debunked, so please enjoy these other moments throughout history that The Simpsons seemingly predicted.