"The Batman" Premiered This Weekend, And Here Are All The Funniest Tweets About It

    BRB, omw to go see that new Zoë Kravitz movie.

    When news of Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz playing Batman and Catwoman broke, I began my countdown to the premiere of Matt Reeves' The Batman:

    Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz attend The Batman premiere

    That day has finally come, and she did NOT DISAPPOINT!

    So, if you're like me and are still shook from the masterpiece that is The Batman and are still recovering from the sizzling tension between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, please enjoy these hilarious reactions to Matt Reeves' latest interpretation of the masked vigilante that Gotham needs but doesn't deserve:


    me sitting in the theater waiting for the batman to start

    NBC / Twitter: @washedupseahag


    watching the new Zoe Kravitz movie

    Twitter: @notdisxpix


    The Batman (2022) Director: Matt Reeves #TheBatman

    Fox / Twitter: @SimpsonsCine


    People keep listing Robert Pattinson's acting credentials to show he’s more than Twilight, but what I wanna know is when did we as a society decide playing a vampire was silly and playing Batman was prestige

    Twitter: @kennykeil


    I like how The Batman is titled what your aunt would call it.

    Twitter: @fisackerly


    batman when he solved the "el rata alada" riddle

    ABC / Twitter: @dragonsnaydra


    Me walking out of The Batman with my new personality

    Lionsgate / Twitter: @aguilarnoel12


    Batman better than me. Gotham city fighting its own crimes if she staring at me like this.

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @kirawontmiss


    There’s a line in THE BATMAN where they reveal The Riddler has “over 500” online followers like that’s a lot.

    Twitter: @LanceStLaurent


    batman should’ve been like “500 followers and no bitches” to the riddler i’d be fucked up

    Twitter: @ejknoodles


    parallels between twilight and the batman

    Summit Entertainment / Warner Bros. / Twitter: @comfortrobt


    robert pattinson can pull off playing batman but christian bale could never play edward cullen it is what it is

    Twitter: @janineshuitaa


    Batman would really leave a mf like this and expect him to answers questions

    Cartoon Network / Twitter: @OvOBrezzzy


    the batman is a masterpiece because it understands that any human on earth would totally shut down and be unable to think in the presence of zoe kravitz

    Twitter: @loverboymedia


    Facets Video / Twitter: @TheCinegogue


    the batman is so quotable keep saying “[PENGUIN VOICE] NO HABLA ESPANOL FELLAS?” in my head

    Twitter: @AMYAD4MS


    Saw Batman, here’s my review: A girl audibly moaned when Zoe Kravitz came on screen.

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @PH7RAOH


    Best part about the new Batman movie? When Robert Pattinson said “look at me.” in ✨that ✨tone to Zoe Kravitz

    The WB / Twitter: @zetzee95


    Warner Bros. / Summit Entertainment / Twitter: @twinostalgia


    i like how Jim Gordon calls Batman “man” throughout the movie like they’re just a couple of dudes being guys

    Twitter: @wholelottatr3y


    if u don’t love him at his Edward Cullen, then you don’t deserve him at his Batman

    Twitter: @mar1narasauce


    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @RawbertBeef


    me on my way to Gotham to commit crime so Robert Pattinson finds me: #TheBatman

    Twitter: @Targ_Nation

    24. In conclusion:

    me pretending not to care so the batman 2 can come out faster

    NBA / TNT / Twitter: @IuvdiIf