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The Sitch Is We Wanna Know What Questions You Have For Christy Carlson Romano

OMG, 10-year-old me is READY FOR THIS!

PAGING ALL '90s KIDS!! Our prayers have been answered, and Disney Queen Christy Carlson Romano will be answering YOUR fan questions!

"What's the sitch?" Well, I'll tell ya. Now's your chance to ask CCR whatever burning queries you might have...

Maybe it's about her fave memory from playing Ren on Even Stevens?

Or, perhaps, you're curious if she has some BTS tea from Kim Possible the animated series OR her role in the new live-action Kim Possible...

...OR, MAYBE you wanna know if she's planning on releasing some ~new music~, 'cause "Let's Bounce" was a BOP!

Whatever questions you may have for Queen Christy, now's your chance to ask! Write your questions in the box below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!