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    Send In Your Apps For Tana Mongeau's Brand-New Management Agency For Influencers

    I am...intrigued to say the least.

    Anyone who knows me — especially my coworkers — knows that I have a morbid curiosity about all things Tana Mongeau.

    Tana Mongeau in a vlog
    Tana Mongeau

    The first time I heard about her was after the shitshow that was TanaCon — a "free" convention for her fans to attend to rival that of VidCon — and since then, she's been on my radar*.

    Tana Mongeau crying in a vlog
    Tana Mongeau

    *Mostly because, like, scandal follows this girl like white follows rice, and yet, like a phoenix from the ashes, she rises time and time again.

    Last time I checked, Tana Mongeau was in a very public feud with her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne, where she called her out for the national crime that she committed on sex workers everywhere:

    Since then, Tana's stayed "relatively" quiet, until NOW! Tana announced on her IG that she's launched her very own talent management agency, Tana's Angels Agency:

    "After receiving tens of thousands of messages daily from people asking me how I make money on OF and as an online creator, how to get started, and for some BAD BITCH mentorship...and a year of turning Tana Uncensored into a multi-million dollar business, my team and I KNEW it was the time to partner with Unruly Agency and Tara Electra to start my very own agency- TAA, Tana’s Angels Agency 👼🏼💖," Tana said in her announcement.

    "I want to use my experiences, platform, connections, knowledge and creativity to help small creators win- in the right way. I want to give everything I have back to a community that gave me everything."

    I'm not gonna lie, this is kinda...brilliant? I mean, if it works out, I think this could be really dope and could be a cool way to usher in a new wave of content creators.

    Between this, her perfume, her jewelry collab, her OnlyFans, and her channel, Tana truly is a business bitch™.

    Kelly Kapoor entering the room and saying that she's "the business bitch"

    Also, if you're so inclined, you can apply for Tana's Angels Agency here.

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