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    I'm Simply Obsessed With Tan France's New Netflix Makeover Show, "Dressing Funny"

    Can you BELIEVE Tan is getting his own show?

    ~Fabulous~ humans of the internet. This is not a drill! Our fair Tan France from Queer Eye is getting his OWN SHOW!

    I promise you, this is true!

    What is the show, you may ask? It's called Dressing Funny and it's coming to screens near you, streaming only on Netflix's YouTube channel and Netflix Is A Joke.

    View this video on YouTube

    Do you remember that lil' segment Tan did a while back where he helped Hasan Minhaj achieve a ~new look~ for his new Netflix show?

    Well, it's exactly like that! Each episode, Tan pairs up with a new comedian to help them achieve a cool 'n' hip new look.

    Who are the comedians he's dressing, you may ask? Some damn good ones, that's who!

    Speaking of John Mulaney, you can watch his episode RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

    View this video on YouTube

    It's the best way ANYONE can spend 12 minutes and 10 seconds of their life. You better BELIEVE.

    Be sure to check out Dressing Funny with Tan France, only on Netflix's YouTube channel and Netflix Is A Joke! This is a show you're not gonna wanna miss!