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    Nothing Is More Iconic Than Sophie Turner Auditioning For "GoT" Without Her Parents Knowing

    Best-kept secret in Hollywood.

    This is Sophie Turner aka Queen of the North.

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images, HBO

    Sophie played the role of Sansa Stark from 2011 to 2019 — since she was only 13 years old!


    So young, yet so talented.

    In a video on Vogue Paris's channel, she revealed to her close friend Jessica Chastain that she auditioned for Game of Thrones without telling her parents.

    Vogue Paris

    *Spits out tea.*

    Jessica and I had the same reaction:

    Vogue Paris

    In a word: shook.

    Sophie went on to talk about how the casting director of GoT went around to different schools, auditioning the students, and she just kept getting callback after callback.

    Vogue Paris

    She talked about how she and all her friends auditioned because they thought it would be a "fun, kind of jokey thing to do." But she was the only one who moved forward...and kept moving all the way onto the Northern Throne.

    Her parents eventually found out — duh — when she was in the final rounds for the role. Her mom was hesitant to let her continue, but her dad said she had to because "this was her dream."


    To think, if it weren't for Sophie's dad convincing her mom to let her continue with the auditions, we ALL wouldn't have Sophie in our lives.

    Ultimately, though, when she did get the part, everyone was excited, despite the fact that Sophie had kept the audition process a secret for so long.

    Vogue Paris

    Sophie found out when she was on holiday with her friends and family. She and her friend "jumped in the pool and ate loads of pizza the whole day — it was the best day ever."

    All I know is, Sophie not telling her parents about auditioning for Game of Thrones is the best-kept secret EVER!


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