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    Sophia Bush And Hilarie Burton Have Been Friends Since Day One And I Love That For Them

    *Listens to One Tree Hill theme song on repeat.*

    This is Sophia Bush, star of John Tucker Must Die, Chicago P.D., and, most importantly, One Tree Hill.

    If you want eight minutes and fifteen seconds of nostalgic content — not to mention listening to Sophia Bush's amazing voice — then this video is the one for you.

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    I'm serious. Her voice is music to my ears.

    In the video, Sophia reminisces on her first memory from the set of One Tree Hill, which involves on-set and off-set BFF, Hilarie Burton.

    "It's a memory of going to this awesome rooftop bar and restaurant in Wilmington with Hilarie Burton, who is my sister for life."

    "We ordered a cocktail and sat and chatted and we just felt like ~ladies~."

    From a budding new friendship which started at a bar in Wilmington to being lifelong BFFs more than fifteen years later is the purest content there is in this world!

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