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    Updated on Jan 25, 2019. Posted on Jan 24, 2019

    Here Are 19 Scenes From Our Fave Sitcoms That Unexpectedly Left Us In Our Feelings

    How can a show so funny make me cry so hard???

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about some of their favorite scenes from sitcoms that left them with ~no tears left to cry~. Here are some of the scenes that pulled at their heartstrings:

    1. In Friends, when Phoebe was alone after giving birth to the triplets.


    When the triplets started crying, and Phoebe said, "Well if you're going to cry..." and then she started to cry too. So many tears.


    2. When Leslie voted for herself on Parks and Recreation.


    —Angelina Anderson Medina via Facebook

    3. When Terry was wrongfully profiled a bad cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    He’s the sweetest character on that show, always supporting everyone. The saddest part was when he was talking about his daughters and how he was worried that something similar would someday happen to them.


    4. When Will broke down in Uncle Phil's arms after his dad bailed on him again on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


    Everything from the look on Uncle Phil's face to the way Will finally crumbled, tearfully asking, "Why don't he want me, man?" left me shattered. Nothing is more painful than being walked out on by a parent, and if anyone claims Will Smith is a shitty actor, I dare them to watch this scene and not be affected by this performance.


    5. In How I Met Your Mother, when Lily told Marshall his father passed away.


    It was so sad to watch because Marshall and his dad had such a loving relationship and it was obvious to the viewer how much the news shattered him.


    6. In Fresh Off The Boat, when Jessica finally tells Louis that no one bought her book.


    7. In Futurama, when it's revealed that Fry's dog died waiting for Fry to return.


    Literally, his dog died on the same spot still waiting for emotional for a cartoon comedy.


    8. In the series finale of Mozart in the Jungle, when Hailey realized how much Rodrigo sacrificed for her, proving that he did care about her, and she mistakenly broke up with him.

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    9. In Scrubs, when Dr. Cox realized that he caused the death of two patients.


    He misdiagnosed one patient and she passed away and because of the misdiagnosis, he deemed her organs fit for transplant into another patient who needed one. Then, after the transplant, he realized the first patient actually died of rabies, which he could have saved her from, and then the second patient also died because of her infected organ. Cox absolutely lost it and it’s the rawest and most vulnerable you ever saw him in the series.


    10. In Will & Grace, when Will's dad died before Will could reconcile with him after they had a big fight.


    11. In Home Improvement, when Randy broke down in Tim's arms because he thought he might have cancer.


    As a parent, I can't even imagine what that worry would be like! Even though his character didn't have cancer, it was heartbreaking to watch!!!


    12. In 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, when Kate read her husband's final news column to their kids after his funeral.


    I still can not watch that episode without sobbing through the whole thing. RIP John Ritter!


    13. In Modern Family, when Alex cracked from all the pressure she was under and collapsed in her mother's arms.


    Gets me every time. Hits way too close to home. I'm sure many can relate.


    14. In New Girl, when the gang goes to Candycane Lane and shouts for everyone to turn their lights on in order to cheer Jess up.


    The moment when all the houses start lighting up gets me every time.


    15. On the season two finale of One Day at a Time, when Schneider tells Lydia how much their friendship means to him.


    Makes me sob every time.


    16. In Schitt's Creek, when Patrick sings "Simply the Best" to David.


    Gaahh, tears everywhere.


    17. In Chewing Gum, when Tracy cuts her hair in solidarity for Candice.


    There was just something so profound, yet simple, about Tracy cutting her hair to show Candice how her hair meant nothing in comparison to their community, love, and friendship on Chewing Gum. Tracy just cut her hair off so easily and said, "I got you, and you got me. That's what's beautiful, innit?" I just couldn't help but cry with how nicely that tackled insecurities, pressure of self-image, and friendship.


    18. In The Big Bang Theory, when Howard finds out his mother died.


    The actress herself died, so it hit a lot harder watching the actors knowing it’s a loss they actually endured.


    19. And finally, in The Office, when Michael was the only one to show up to Pam's art show, and then bough her painting after he told her he was proud of her.


    — Nicholas Mixon via Facebook

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