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    Shameik Moore Sharing His First Times Will 100% Make You Want To Learn More About Him

    I wish I was friends with Zoë Kravitz...

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    This, my dear reader, is the face of Shameik Moore, star of Netflix's Let It Snow, Dope, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

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    He stopped by BuzzFeed to discuss some of his ~firsts~ and now I want to learn so much more about him!

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    His first job was a dancer in the "Crank Dat Batman" music video.

    He was the little boy who was crumping!

    His first concert was Nelly!


    At this concert, Nelly gave him his infamous HEADBAND! Iconic.

    His first "Hollywood" friends were Zoë Kravitz and A$AP Rocky.

    Open Road Films

    They met on the set of Dope.

    Finally, his first memory from the set of Let It Snow was of how COLD it was!


    Filming took place in Toronto, Canada and Shameik recalled running back to the heated tents and vans because his character in the film only wore a peacoat and Chelsea boots, which is NOT enough to fend off the cold.

    Want to hear more of Shamiek's firsts? Be sure to check out the video entirely dedicated to it!

    Also, if you want more of Shameik in general, be sure to check him out in Let It Snow, now streaming on Netflix!

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