Here Are 26 Of The Hottest Scenes In Movies And TV That Are No Sex And All Hands

    Who needs sex when you can have a gentle hand caress?

    1. In Pride & Prejudice, when Mr. Darcy flexes his hand after helping Elizabeth into her carriage:

    2. In Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, when Robbie gently caresses Georgia's hand after helping her up from the bushes:

    3. In Bridgerton, when Simon and Daphne brush their hands against one another while looking at his mom's favorite painting:

    4. In But I'm A Cheerleader, when Graham holds onto Megan's arm while they're forced to sit through another anti-gay presentation:

    5. In Emma., when Mr. Knightley holds onto Emma's waist a *tad* longer than necessary:

    6. In John Tucker Must Die, when Scott gets flustered as Kate helps him fill up the graduated cylinder:

    7. In 13 Going On 30, when Matty tenderly caresses Jenna's head while they're dancing for the Poise photoshoot:

    8. In Because I Said So, when Johnny draws a heart on Milly's hand to make her feel better after their lovers' tiff:

    9. In To All The Boys I've Loved Before, when Lara Jean absentmindedly lays her hand on Peter's hand that's already caressing her knee:

    10. In Tarzan, when Tarzan recognizes that Jane is a human like him and presses his hand against hers:

    11. In The Princess Diaries, when Joe and Clarisse lock eyes, and HANDS, during their sensual tango:

    12. In Everything, Everything, when Maddy and Olly "touch hands" through her window:

    13. In Casino Royale, when Bond comforts Vesper in the shower after she watched him kill two men:

    14. In My Best Friend's Wedding, when Michael removes the ring from Julianne's finger with his mouth:

    15. In Secretary, when Mr. Grey and Lee tenderly link he spanks her over his desk:

    16. In Atonement, when Robbie and Cecilia are playing forbidden handsies at the dinner table:

    17. In Bright Star, when Keats reaches for Fanny's hand over the dinner table:

    18. In Stoker, when India and Charlie are playing the piano with one another:

    19. In Call Me By Your Name, when Oliver shakes Elio's hand with a detached statue arm:

    20. In Pushing Daisies, when Ned put this device in his car so that he and Chuck can hold hands:

    21. In The Prince & Me, when Eddie and Paige were playing handsies under the table instead of studying for midterms:

    22. In Gossip Girl, when Chuck and Blair fell asleep while holding hands in the back seat of his limo:

    23. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Tara and Willow grasp hands as they fend off the Gentlemen:

    24. In The Mindy Project, when Danny reaches for Mindy's hand as their plane hits turbulence:

    25. In Scandal, when Olivia and Fitz confess their love for one another after touching the Constitution:

    26. And last, but not least, in Ghost when Sam and Molly mold some pottery: