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    A TikToker Pointed Out That Dan Couldn't Accept Serena's Xmas Present Because It Was A $20,000 Watch

    I think a Timex would have sufficed, no?

    The other day, I was minding my own business, scrolling down the "For You" page on TikTok, when I came across this Gossip Girl tok that made me cough up my juice:

    On her GG rewatch, @hayleybour noticed that "as a junior in high school, Serena gave Dan a $25,000 watch as a Christmas present and she was upset that he wasn't comfortable accepting it."

    The CW

    Me when I realized how EXPENSIVE that watch was:


    Like, I remember as a kid when I watched this ep (Season 1, Episode 11: "Roman Holiday") I was like, OMG(G) how nice of Serena to get Dan a watch!


    And IMMEDIATELY after this I was like, fuck you, Dan. Just accept the damn gift!

    The CW

    It's so accept the gift.

    Dan then went on to talk about how the most elaborate gift he's ever given was a pair of L.L. Bean boots.

    The CW

    As a New Englandite, I know that these boots go for about $140.

    As a kid, I didn't know what some boots had to do with this. But, after I saw this TikTok, I had to do some digging and, MY GOD, I can't believe this watch is so pricey.

    The CW

    The amount of people you could feed with this watch...

    Now, I'm not a watch person by ANY MEANS, but I DO KNOW that Patek Philippe watches — which this one is — are fucking EXPENSIVE. In the TikTok I know she says it's $25K, but I went and did my own research and after scrolling through the site, it was confirmed that this watch cost a WHOPPING $19,730.

    Patek Philippe / Via

    I wonder if Serena paid in cash or credit.

    NO WONDER DAN WAS UNCOMFORTABLE! The price of this watch is equivalent to 140 pairs of L.L. Bean boots...and they're in HIGH SCHOOL.

    The CW

    Sixteen-year-old me would have lost that shit so fast.

    So yeah, more than a decade later, I forgive Dan for not being able to accept this gift, which cost the equivalent of a car. But, do not fret, because Serena ended up giving Dan the perfect gift...

    The CW

    ...which was "snow," 'cause Dan ~dreamed of a white Christmas~. Oh, and she took his virginity.

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