I Rewatched The "SATC" Movie And I Cannot Believe How Awful Miranda Was And How Amazing Samantha Was

    Samantha SPOON FED Carrie after the fallout from the wedding that Miranda was RESPONSIBLE FOR!

    With all this chatter around And Just Like That — and, frankly, JUST how awful it us — I decided what better time than now to showcase how amazing of a friend Samantha Jones was, specifically in the Sex and the City movie...

    Put more respect on Samantha Jones. She was the most understanding friend in that group and would never go ghost like that. Lazy-ass writers. #AndJustLikeThat

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    1. Off the bat, the fact that Samantha was always the one to fly to NYC, while Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte never even offered to fly to LA:

    Samantha talking about flying to NYC for girl talk

    2. When Samantha agreed to be Carrie's maid of honor even though she 100% does not believe in marriage:

    Carrie talking on the phone with Samantha

    3. Like, she flew back for Carrie's Vogue photoshoot and supported her through any and all wedding festivities:

    Samantha tearing up at Carrie in her wedding dress

    4. When Samantha did damage control for Carrie after Big stood her up at the altar:

    Samantha helping Carrie leave her wedding after Big stood her up

    5. When Samantha got everyone on Carrie's honeymoon after she was unable to get Carrie a refund:

    Samantha telling Miranda and Charlotte that they're going to Mexico

    6. Lastly, and my personal favorite, when Samantha spoon-fed Carrie after she was too depressed to eat:

    Samantha feeding Carrie yogurt in bed

    ...and, this got me to thinking — especially with how awful / non canon her storyline is — just how TRASH of a friend Miranda was in the movies!

    This just in (again): Miranda is the worst (again) #AndJustLikeThat

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    7. Like when Carrie told her and Charlotte that Big got them their dream penthouse in Manhattan and instead of being happy, Miranda decided to be bitter:

    Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda walking down the streets of Manhattan

    8. When, after Steve cheated, Miranda had Carrie uninvite him to the rehearsal dinner and wedding:

    Steve asking to speak wit Miranda

    9. When she told Big — a man she knows has a crippling fear of commitment — that he was crazy to get married:

    Miranda telling Big not to get married

    10. When, after telling Big not to marry Carrie / leading to their wedding disaster, she didn't tell Carrie...

    Miranda asking Charlotte when she should tell Carrie about runining her wedding

    11. ...for MONTHS!

    Miranda finally telling Carrie about her mistake

    12. Lastly, and most offensively, when Miranda — and Carrie and Charlotte, tbh — judged Samantha for her weight gain:

    The girls being shocked at Samantha's weight gain


    Imma say something controversial, yet brave: I'm glad Samantha isn't in And Just Like That because, frankly, she deserves better friends than them and ESPECIALLY a better friend than Miranda.

    In conclusion:

    Proud of Samantha for leaving such a toxic friend group.

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