Apparently We All Have Valium To Thank For Robert Pattinson's Portrayal Of Edward Cullen In "Twilight"

    "I just remember feeling so glorious."

    Robert Pattinson has been KILLING IT over the past few years with his critically acclaimed works: Good Time, The Lighthouse, Tenet, and, most recently, The Batman.

    Robert Pattinson appears at the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival

    However, real fans of R. Patz remember him from his younger, humbler days when he starred in this indie franchise called Twilight*.

    Edward intently staring at Bella during their biology lab

    Well, in an interview with GQ, Robert Pattinson broke down some of his most iconic roles over the years, one of them being Edward Cullen. I *personally* thought that R. Patz was born to play the dazzling, yet tortured vampire, but little did I know, Rob almost didn't even make it to the audition!

    Robert Pattinson making a funny face on the red carpet

    "I'd started to develop this absolute terror of auditions," Pattinson admitted in his interview. "I'd enthusiastic about something and the day of the confidence would totally collapse."

    Robert Pattinson saying during his GQ interview "That happened the morning of my 'Twilight' audition"

    Rob told his agent — who's couch he was living on at the time — that he was "freaking out" and didn't want to audition anymore, to which she suggested that he take a Valium.

    Robert Pattinson said "I just remember feeling so glorious"

    Rob recalls bringing this "spacey and detached" energy into his portrayal of Edward...which ultimately landed him the role!

    The more you know, y'all. Hope you enjoyed that lil' tidbit.

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