Here Are 19 Instances Of Robert Pattinson Being The Most Chaotic Interviewee To Ever Exist

    The man has never met a thought he hasn't expressed.

    In case you weren't aware, Robert Pattinson has a tendency to say the most bonkers things during interviews.

    So here are some of the wildest things that R. Patz has said during an interview:

    1. When he revealed that he secretly used Zoë Kravitz's bathroom on the set of The Batman because his didn't work (which is how he knew that her dressing room must-have is scented candles):

    Robert Pattinson in a BuzzFeed interview

    2. When he said that if he had a sister, he'd want her to be with Edward (played by himself) over Jacob because Edward's "wealthier":

    Photo by Lia Toby / Getty Images , @entertainmenttonight / Via

    Let's...not unpack that. 

    3. When he not-so-joked about being "mentally unstable":

    Robert Pattinson joking about being mentally unstable

    4. When he lied about seeing a clown explode in front of his eyes while attending the circus as a child:

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    Today / NBC

    Mind you...this was on the PRESS TOUR for Water for Elephants...a movie about THE CIRCUS! Y'all just have to watch this, 'cause it's truly bonkers. 

    5. When he — sadly — joked about turning to porn if The Batman flopped in theaters:

    6. When he had this appropriate response to Guy Pearce serenading him:

    Robert Pattinson turning into a human pretzel as Guy Pearce sings to him

    7. When he laughingly revealed that "a lot of the stuff in theTwilight world [doesn't] make sense"...on the press tour for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

    Robert Pattinson joking about the Cullens attending high school

    8. When he revealed that the best "Batman advice" he received from a previous Bruce Wayne was figuring out a way to pee in the batsuit — which came from Christian Bale:

    Robert Pattinson being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel

    9. When he opened up about how lucky he felt to be invited to Paris Fashion Week to meet with Dior Homme:

    Robert Pattinson sipping coffee while interviewing for Vogue

    10. When he said that his favorite "chick flick" was...Chicken Run:

    Robert Pattinson sitting down for an interview with Extra

    11. When he nearly burned down his kitchen while making hand-held pasta during a GQ interview:

    A closeup of Robert Pattinson's hand-held pasta

    12. When he revealed that he took a "persistent stalker" out on a date because he was "bored and lonely," which resulted in her no longer stalking him:

    Robert Pattinson taking a selfie with a fan

    13. When he lied about not washing his hair:

    Robert Pattinson posing in front of a Dior flower wall

    14. When he confessed to completion...while filming Little Ashes:

    15. When he said that, if given the opportunity to direct, he would have snuck a walrus into a sex scene on the set of Breaking Dawn:

    16. When Oprah asked if he and K. Stew were dating, and his natural response was, "Kristen's pregnant":

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson interviewing with Oprah


    Robert Pattinson biting Tyra Banks' neck

    18. When his "cover interview" with GQ was a short film of his quest for a hot dog:

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    GQ / Via

    I mean, I, too, have been known to go certain lengths for a footlong. 

    19. And then, of course, when he revealed that sometimes he just makes things up for the heck of it!

    Robert Pattinson posing on the red carpet for The Batman