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Updated on Oct 21, 2019. Posted on Oct 18, 2019

17 Products From The 2010s That Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time But Legit Were Not

Leave the past in the past.

A new year and new decade are upon us! So what better time than now to reflect on the past?


Like, reflecting on all the trends and products that we thought were so bitchin', only to realize, with time, that they were NOT IT!


Well, recently Reddit user DJ_The_Skeleton asked, "What product has the 2010s produced that will be remembered for being absolutely ridiculous?" Lemme tell ya, these items will have you scratching your head.

New Line Cinema

Here are some of the wildest trends and products that absolutely need to stay in the 2010s:

1. Hoverboards:


2. Fidget spinners:


3. Ride-on suitcases:

4. Influencers:


5. Killer clowns:

Warner Bros. Pictures

6. Kony 2012:

Invisible Children

7. Minion products:

Home Depot

8. Juicero:


9. Micro-transaction mobile games:

Candy Crush

10. Shake Weights:


11. Snuggies:


12. Home listening devices:


13. Selfie sticks:


14. Bitcoin/microcurrency:

Open Road Films

15. Google Glass:


16. Snacking on Tide Pods:

17. Silly Bandz:

Which 2010s trends and products do you refuse to bring into the next decade? Let us know in the comments below!

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